There’s nothing more unattractive than walking into a well-styled living room and noticing a smelly cat litter pan in the corner. Especially in smaller living spaces, cat litter can absolutely cramp your style. If you value the aesthetic of your home, but also can’t give up your kitty, here are some tips on how to hide and disguise your litter box.


Luckily, so many companies now make hidden litter boxes. You can find a cat litter planter on Amazon. At a glance, it looks like a potted plant. In actuality, this is a hollowed entry for your kitty with a fake plant on top. If you want to get a little more creative, you can paint the outside of the planter to fit any room’s style and replace the fake plant with anything you like!


Wayfair carries these awesome cabinets that blend in just like furniture. No one will ever know that the cute little cabinet in the corner of your living room is really cat litter. While these are a little pricey, they look so chic. Etsy also has really cute litter box furniture. If you are looking for something more stylish, check these out.


Finally, if your cat is a little tricky and you are a little craftier, you can make your own custom litter cover. Build a wooden box with one open side and one with a hole where your litter box’s entry should be. The perk of making your own is that you can still use a hooded litter box, which wouldn’t fit in the prior options. You can paint this to match your furniture and throw a cute pillow on top. No one has to know your secret!