Even though Charlotte is no New York City or Los Angeles, it still has a well-established film community. They have local meetings, as well as a group that travels to the well-known Sundance Film Festival in January. Charlotte is even lucky enough to have a local casting company. The Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project takes place every year, and it’s coming up soon: August 9th-11th of 2019!


If you aren’t familiar with the 48 Hour Film Project, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a film created in 48 hours. Artists from Charlotte get together in groups and write (based from drawings for genre, objects, etc.), produce, and edit the film, then vote for the best one from our city to compete internationally for a spot at the Cannes Film Festival. It is quite the challenge for  filmmakers, but a great learning experience for everyone involved.


If you’re interested, visit Charlotte Film’s Facebook page dedicated to the festival to find out more. Many teams are still forming, and it is an all hands on deck project! Local filmmakers meet often to discuss the different aspects of film and welcome newcomers with open arms to join.


If you are interested in acting in the festival, they are holding auditions so that groups can pick you based on what they’ll be writing. Join the Charlotte Film Community Facebook page to stay updated!