Thinking of replacing the siding on your house, but uncertain what material to use? Here’s the pros and cons to consider.  


Vinyl- Vinyl siding is cheap and durable and most commonly chosen for those reasons. It resists hail and denting but can warp in intense heat. Vinyl needs replaced about every twenty years.  


Brick- Durable and classic, brick is still a beautiful choice for a home. Installation can be expensive, depending on how much square footage you have to cover. But brick is sturdy and will last about the lifetime of the home.  


Aluminum- Also cheap and durable, aluminum siding is similar to vinyl with a few key differences. It dents more than vinyl but can be repainted and doesn’t warp. With proper care it can last over thirty years.  


Wood—Wood siding offers endless creativity and natural beauty, especially as it is unique to each house. But wood also requires a lot of maintenance. Every two years it will need scraped, sanded and repainted. Traditional siding looks classic and beautiful. With proper care, wood siding can last over a hundred years.  


Stone veneer- Similar to brick, stone veneer is perfect for a luxury home. While extremely durable, it can be very expensive, both in materials and to install.  


Stucco- Made of cement, sand, lime and water, this is solid and seamless. Stucco exteriors are a great insulator and as such is most commonly chosen in areas of extreme heat. Can last up to fifty years.  


Hardie Board- A cement fiber board that combines the durability of a stucco and the look of shingles or siding.  


Should You Hire Someone? While it’s possible to do it yourself, it might not be worth the hassle if you’ve never done it before. Siding is finnicky, and any mistakes will be noticeable and/or costly. It won’t matter how nice the siding product you’ve chosen will be, if it’s incorrectly installed, it will look cheap and could leak and cause costly repairs. Plus, with a professional contractor, you’re siding product will retain its warranty if anything happens.


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21