In these days of early summer heat, it can feel like your air conditioning may not be working quite the same as you remember. Maybe you missed your spring maintenance. Maybe you keep turning down the thermostat. Here are five ways to check-in with your air conditioning system before it becomes a problem.  


  1. Change your system filter. Often a clogged filter is a big culprit for slow circulation. Filters should be changed at least once a month and it’s especially important during the summer.  
  2. Open the vents on your home if it’s a peer and beam foundation.  
  3. Have your HVAC company come out and inspect the unit or determine if the system may need a recharge.  
  4. Check the fan is moving on the outside unit. If it’s not moving, the motor may be to blame.  
  5. If your unit is blowing hot air, often the coil is frozen. Turning the unit off and allowing the ice to melt off the coil will resolve this problem.  


HVAC is such a specialized system that when things go wrong it can be very hard for even an experienced homeowner to handle. An option to avoid surprise costs is to sign up for a home repair insurance program or a pre-payment plan with your HVAC company.  


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21