The long days of winter hibernation can drag on anyone. We spend so much time indoors, from illnesses to snow days, the house you love during the summer is suddenly the thing you stalk around like an insomniac bear. Here are eight ways to make your home feel better and brighter, so you can make it to summer without going full on angry grizzly.

Add plants- even for all you black thumbs, there is a plant for you. Try succulents or cactuses. Buy grocery store flowers, even. In the cool, dry air they can last up to two weeks.

Rearrange your furniture- Try changing up the configuration of your furniture. Look at how far apart each item is. Pleasing proportions is a twenty-four inch separation for people to walk easily through and the room not to feel overcrowded.

Deep clean- get a head start on spring cleaning now. Deep cleaning can improve your mood and satisfaction with a space. Take the chance to rethink the things you own and see if you can get rid of things that might be bothering you.

Ask what you want- it can be helpful to sit about what you want from the space and what you can do to bring it into alignment with your desires.

Light- change out dark curtains, add mirrors to bounce light or rearrange to dark furniture to open up rooms.

Change colors change the hue of your home to something that gives you pleasure, or if you don’t want to repaint, try changing the accent colors with something as subtle as pillows and throws.

Eliminate noise—address all the little irritants it’s easy to ignore—the rug that creeps, the door that doesn’t open all the way, etc.—all the little things add up!

With a few tweaks any grumpy bear can make it through a long winter.


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21