[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Out of all the big days, moving day is definitely one of the most exciting. It’s the end of a long journey, full of ups and downs and finally the house is yours.

You might think the key to a great moving day is having a great selection of donuts and hot coffee, but to truly have a smooth moving experience, do these few things before the big day.

  1. Change the locks before you pop the champagne, celebrate signing those closing papers by making your key the only one that works.
  2. If you plan on it, now is the time to install any home security and get a certificate of installation to send to homeowner insurance to get a discount on your policy.
  3. Schedule an appointment to get your internet, television, and phone set-up before moving day and you can collapse on the couch that night with no hassles.
  4. Hire a cleaning service or schedule a family cleaning day make sure you get inside the light fixtures, windows, closets and cupboards, basement, and attic.
  5. Get ductwork, heating, and cooling systems serviced.
  6. If you can, do any invasive home improvement projects such as replacing floors, ripping up carpets or painting.

Follow these steps and the night you move in you’ll be eating pizza out of a box, buried in your unorganized stuff, happily watching television and procrastinating on your phone with nothing to do but figure out where that other chair is going. Home sweet home.


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21