[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Like phases of the moon, the process of selling a home can be dark and mysterious, so I’ve broken down the process into three steps below.

  1. Pre-Listing: Putting your home on the market is like getting your property ready for a big party. You don’t want people to come to the house before its ready. Some easy steps.
    1. Declutter. Pack up all items you don’t think you’ll need until after you moving into your new home. Most buyers have difficult time seeing potential in a property when they’re shopping for a home, so it’s important to make your home “move-in ready.”
    2. Paint. As simple as it seems, walls in neutral colors, or bright white, prevent potential buyers from getting distracted when looking at a house they might want to buy.
    3. Maintenance. Schedule a maintenance visit with your HVAC specialist for the air conditioning and hot water heater.
    4. Maid. Hire a service to do a deep clean of your property. Don’t forget to have the windows cleaned inside and out. Potential buyers won’t be able to tell if your windows are clean, but they will definitely be able to spot windows that aren’t.
  2. On the Market: This phase begins with pricing the property right. I can prepare a competitive market analysis for you that takes a lot of factors into account, including: location, heated square footage, amenities nearby, condition, local market conditions, etc. Once showings begin you’ll want to leave your home while showings are being conducted. This is usually the most inconvenient part of the selling process. Request that you receive a certain amount of notice prior to the showing appointment so that you have enough time to get the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and all the clothes into the washing machine.
  3. Contracts & Closing: If you’ve done everything possible to make your property stand out from others who are also trying to sell their homes, you can expect to receive an offer. I’ll present you with the offer(s) and help you negotiate with the buyer’s agent. Deals most frequently fall apart during the appraisal and inspections phase of the transaction. I can help you get over both hurdles. You’ll receive a draft of the settlement statement a few days prior to the closing date that itemizes every debit and credit in the transaction. The house is still yours until the deed records at the register of deeds in the county courthouse.

If you’ve made it to key day, it’s time to celebrate![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Sources:

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